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Small parrot cage


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This high quality tubular steel bird cage comes with an interactive play gym up top. Comes with three stainless steel non tip feeders. door lock with safty latch to prevent cheeky escapes. Safety latch must be opened as well as front door lock for the main door to open.

Also comes with a seed catcher all round to keep the floor clean.

Perfect for Indian Ringnecks,alexandarine, Sun Conures, cockatiel ,lorikeet  and other similar sized birds


Overall height including playtop: 152cm

Overall width including seed catcher: 66cm

Overall depth including seed catcher: 66cm

Cage height: 68cm

Cage width: 46cm

Cage depth: 48cm

Colour: Hammertone (black/silver)

Bar thickness: 2mm

Bar Spacing: 10mm (space between bars)


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